Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education School cut-off mark 2024/2025

IAUE (Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education) School cut-off mark 2024/2025, For Nigerian students applying to universities, the school cut-off mark is a crucial factor in the admissions process. A school cut-off mark is a minimum score required by a university for an applicant to be considered for admission into a particular program.

How to Check jamb results 2024?

These marks are based on a combination of the student’s JAMB score and their O’level results. In the highly competitive landscape of Nigerian higher education, achieving a high school cut-off mark is vital to securing a spot in a university of choice.

Each university in Nigeria determines its own school cut-off marks based on factors such as the number of applicants, the university’s capacity to accommodate students, and the level of competition for a particular program.

While meeting or exceeding the school cut-off mark doesn’t guarantee admission, it is an important milestone that significantly increases a student’s chances of being accepted into the university of their choice.

Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education (IAUE) Cut-Off Marks For 2024/2025 Academic year

A university renowned for its dedication to providing high-quality education, the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE), has announced the cut-off point for the admissions process for the 2024/2025 academic year.

The school cut-off mark for Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) for the 2024/2025 academic year is 140.

This means that applicants who score 140 points or higher on their JAMB exam and meet the minimum O’level requirements are eligible for admission into IAUE’s various programs, provided they also successfully complete the Post UTME screening process.

While the 140 cut-off mark serves as the minimum requirement for admission into IAUE, it’s worth noting that some programs may have higher cut-off marks due to their competitive nature and limited capacity.

Therefore, it’s recommended that prospective students strive to attain as high a JAMB score as possible to increase their chances of securing admission.

The Important Of Having a High JAMB Score (IAUE Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025)

Scoring high in JAMB is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it improves your chances of being accepted into your desired university and program.

Secondly, it can potentially increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship, as universities often use JAMB scores as one of the criteria for awarding scholarships.

Lastly, a high JAMB score shows that you have strong academic abilities, which can be beneficial when applying for jobs or other educational opportunities in the future.

A low JAMB Score Can Affect Your Chances Of Being Admitted To A University

The Nigerian higher education system is highly competitive, with universities receiving more applications than they can accommodate. In addition, many students are vying for a limited number of spaces in the universities’ various programs.

This competitive environment means that universities are forced to use a variety of filters to select the most qualified applicants, with the JAMB score being a key factor in this process. A low JAMB score puts you at a disadvantage, as other candidates with higher scores are more likely to be selected for admission.

Limited Spaces: Universities typically receive more applications than they have spaces available. To manage this, they use the JAMB score as a means of filtering out candidates, admitting those with the highest scores.

Competition: Universities in Nigeria are highly competitive, with many students vying for limited spaces. A low JAMB score puts you at a disadvantage compared to other candidates who have scored higher.

Degrees & Program You Can Get Admissions Into With Your JAMB Score

An overview of the degree and programs offered at Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE):

Ignatius Ajuru University of Education offers a wide range of degree programs across different faculties, including:

  1. Faculty of Education: B.A.Ed, B.Sc.Ed, B.Tech.Ed, B.L.S. and PGD in Education
  2. Faculty of Arts: B.A., B.Sc. in Fine and Applied Arts, B.A. (Ed.) in Theatre and Media Arts

A wide selection of degree programs are available from IAUE, with a cut-off mark of 140 for the 2023/2024 academic year. Among them are:

  •     Accountancy/Accounting
  •     Adult Education and Community Development
  •     Agricultural Science & Education
  •     Biology
  •     Business Education
  •     Chemistry
  •     Computer Education
  •     Computer Science
  •     Early Childhood Education
  •     Economics
  •     Education & Accounting
  •     Education & Biology
  •     Education & Chemistry
  •     Education & Economics
  •     Education & English Language
  •     Education & French
  •     Education & Geography
  •     Education & History
  •     Education & Integrated Science
  •     Education & Mathematics
  •     Education & Music
  •     Education & Physics
  •     Education & Political Science
  •     Education & Religious Studies
  •     Education & Social Studies
  •     Education and Christian Religious Studies
  •     Education Fine & Applied Arts
  •     Educational Management
  •     English Language
  •     Fine & Applied Arts
  •     French
  •     Geography
  •     Guidance & Counselling
  •     Health & Safety Education
  •     History & Diplomatic Studies
  •     Home Economics & Education
  •     Human Kinetics
  •     Integrated Science (Double Major)
  •     Library & Information Science
  •     Management
  •     Marketing
  •     Mathematics
  •     Music
  •     Office & Information Management
  •     Physics
  •     Political Science
  •     Primary Education Studies
  •     Religious Studies
  •     Secretarial Education
  •     Sociology
  •     Special Education
  •     Technical Education
  •     Theatre Arts

In addition to the faculties mentioned above, IAUE also offers programs in the fields of Science, Management Sciences, Vocational and Technical Education, Social Sciences, and Languages.

With such a diverse range of degree programs, prospective students have a variety of options to choose from, allowing them to pursue their academic and career goals.


In summary, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education offers a broad range of degree programs across different faculties, making it a popular choice among prospective students. However, the highly competitive nature of Nigerian universities means that achieving a high JAMB score is essential for securing admission.

To increase your chances of being admitted, aim to score as high as possible on the JAMB exam and meet the minimum O’level requirements. This will ensure that you’re well-positioned to compete for admission into IAUE and pursue the program of your choice.


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